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Publications are a compilation of lecture offerings.

When viewing publications, Admins can see all publications that exist in their account regardless of which lecture they are currently viewing. Admins must then decide to set this lecture to Unpublished or Published for each existing publication. If the lecture is set to Published, it will be among the lectures listed when viewing that specific Publication.

Once a Publication is created, it can be previewed and embedded into your company website.


Add a Catalog

Use the green "+ Add Catalog" button to create a new catalog/publication.


Detail NameDescription
NameThe name of this catalog/ publication.
DescriptionOptional. Add a description for this publication. This description will be publicly visible.
RemindersDetermine the number and frequency of email reminders.

Admins may enter any number(s) here to define when subscribers should receive a reminder email. For example, if the Admin enters 5 and 1, subscribers will be emailed 5 days before a lecture starts and the day before a lecture starts.

Note: Anyone subscribed to a Publication will be emailed every time an upcoming lecture meets the reminder requirements.

Offer Post Registration SignUpAfter registration, the selected registration types will be able to add themselves to this publication’s distribution list with a single click.